Toronto Public Health Opens New Flu Shot Clinic in Scarborough

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Toronto Public Health launches fourth flu vaccine clinic location at the Scarborough Town Centre

I am proud to let you know that after writing a letter to our Toronto Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa requesting a flu vaccine clinic be opened in Scarborough, Toronto Public Health has announced today it will be opening a fourth location at the Scarborough Town Centre, Exterior Unit D3 (410 Progress Avenue) this Saturday, October 31st! The online booking system has gone live today, Wednesday October 28 at 9:00AM. To access bookings, please go to:

The clinic is operated by appointment only. Appointments must be booked online through an online booking system which launched for this clinic this morning. This is to ensure that appropriate physical distancing and infection prevention and control measures can be followed at the clinic to reduce the potential risk of virus spread and keep residents safer. 

This year, TPH has administered approximately 1,000 flu vaccines in less than one week since launching its annual community clinics on October 22. The four annual flu vaccine clinics operate until the end of December with all appointments booked online. 

Flu activity usually peaks between the end of December and beginning of January, so it is recommended that residents get vaccinated before then. In Ontario, the Ministry of Health procures and distributes the flu vaccine. All Toronto residents who wish to get the flu vaccine will also be able to get vaccinated at doctors’ offices or participating pharmacies. TPH supports delivery of the flu vaccine through its annual community clinics along with administering the vaccine at approximately 60 pop-up clinics in shelters, drop-in centres and interim lodging sites for vulnerable Torontonians. Last year, TPH administered a total of 7,621 flu vaccine doses to residents.

Getting vaccinated against the flu may also reduce the number of individuals who need COVID-19 testing, as the symptoms are very similar. Annual flu vaccine is important to protect vulnerable residents from more severe illness. This includes older adults, individuals with chronic and pre-existing health conditions, residents of nursing homes and chronic care facilities, children six months to five years of age and pregnant women.

Influenza, also known as the flu, can spread to others before symptoms even appear. The flu is spread from person to person by small droplets produced by a cough or sneeze or through contact with contaminated hands, surfaces or objects, similar to COVID-19. Typical flu symptoms include a high fever, chills, sore throat, cough and muscle aches. Other common symptoms include headache, loss of appetite and feeling tired. Symptoms of the flu can be difficult to tell apart from symptoms of COVID-19 without a test. Recovering from the flu usually takes a week to 10 days, but for some people it can worsen pre-existing health conditions such as asthma or heart disease or develop into more serious health problems such as pneumonia and, in rare circumstances, can be fatal.

The flu vaccine is free for people six months of age and older who live, work or attend school in Ontario. A health card is not required at a TPH clinic. TPH flu vaccine appointments are available from now until December and can be booked online: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, walk-in appointments will not be available this year.

More information about the flu is available online:

If you require any more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at: 416-396-7222 or

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