Toronto Launches Its New Open Data Portal!!


TORONTO – On May 2, 2018 Councillor Paul W. Ainslie, Chair of the Government Management Committee, along with the City’s Chief Information Officer, Rob Meikle, and City staff launched Toronto’s new Open Data Portal at the Toronto Reference Library. The opening of the Portal is a key component of the City of Toronto’s Open Data Master Plan and Roadmap.

“An open and transparent government is the hallmark of a modern and progressive city. The new Open Data Portal will benefit everyone, most importantly our thriving and evolving technology business community. Residents and business alike understand the value and tremendous potential of government open data. My goal is to drag the City of Toronto into the 21st Century.” Councillor Ainslie stated during his speech.

Councillor Ainslie has taken every opportunity to push the Open Data agenda to the forefront of the City of Toronto’s priorities….at City Council and at every Standing Committee. Releasing government data allows the City to become much more transparent, accountable, building trust and confidence with the public.

The new Open Data Portal is an easy to use tool which allows both technical and non-technical users to interact with and use City Data in a visual way making government data more accessible to the general public.

For example the data released daily by the City of Toronto on the shelter occupancy numbers helps us better understand the volume of vulnerable individuals and families who rely on access to shelters across the City. The information is important as everyone is now able to see the same supporting data on an issue used by policy makers to help form decisions and develop solutions.

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