Morningside Park’s Emergency Way-finding Stations

Dear Residents of Ward 43,

Morningside Park is a very important piece to ward 43. If you went to school in Scarborough you know that it is where cross country events were held. If your family wanted to have a family picnic, Morningside Park would have been on your list of possible venues. Its 596.7 acres of land has so much to offer. With that area being said it is safe to say one can easily get lost.

In 2012 the matter was brought up to the city. I suggested the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) Emergency Service Response System for our parks. The credit was given to 1st Centenary Scout Group—which of I am a Cub Scout Leader. The idea of the Emergency Way-Finding Stations was the outcome of a discussion during an all sections hike.

On September 28, 2016, 16 Emergency Services Lifesaving station were installed in Morningside Park by the Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff, the Toronto Police Services, The Toronto Paramedic Services, and Toronto Fire Services, and myself and my staff.

Each of the 16 lifesaving stations have their own location id number to easily track the user’s location. These stations are very visible and have easy to read instruction on calling 911 or 311, for emergency and non-emergency situations respectively.

The Emergency Way-finding Stations are an important and special addition to Morningside Park. These stations have also been added to High Park as well as Centennial Park.
The importance of safety can be expressed through these stations – I hope for them to be utilized wisely.

City of Toronto Councillor

Paul Ainslie

Ward 43 – Scarborough East

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