Savings for the City

Dear Ward 43 Residents,


A number of announcements have been made recently aimed at government efficiencies, On Tuesday, November 22, 2016 Mayor John Tory, Budget Chair Gary Crawford and myself as Chair of the Government Management Committee made the announcement for Government Modernization for a savings of $15 million annually.


The idea lies in modernizing how services are delivered at the City as well as the creation of and move to hire a Chief Transformation Officer. A measure I have supported since 2012 when the Government Management Committee adopted measures to support the creation of an Infrastructure Office to co-ordinate standards across all divisions including information technology, purchasing and standard services.


I am focused on modern methods to save money and time to ensure effective and responsible delivery of services to address the needs of Torontonians. Tuesday’s announcement demonstrates that the work done at the City’s standing committees and citizen participation has motivated the modernization of our City.


The City projects to save $8 million annually from City of Toronto website, on-line services and service counter reduction. As well as a $7 million annual saving for office modernization and a real estate review.


I am also pleased to announce that on Thursday, November 24, 2016 the Vacant Building Rebate program is being considered for review for the purposes of repealing the practice.  Mayor John Tory during his address at the Toronto Board of Trade noted that it costs the City millions of dollars.


In 2012 I requested through the Licensing and Standard Committee that the tax be repealed for vacant and derelict buildings.


Putting a stop to the practice has projected an annual savings of $22 million for the City. Vacant buildings across the City are resulting in the dilapidation of neighbourhoods have a negative effect on businesses and the economy.  


Having the vacancy tax rebate practice repealed would benefit everyone as the incentive to keep the buildings empty would be lifted with the push to rejuvenate them.




 Paul Ainslie