Fine for failing to keep your distance in parks set at $1,000 April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

Dear Ward 24 Neighbours,

Today, Mayor John Tory announced the fine for people failing to keep at least two metres of distance from others in City of Toronto parks and public spaces has been set at $1,000.

The Chief Justice of the Province of Ontario approved the City’s request for a set fine Friday.

Any two people who don’t live together, who fail to keep two metres of distance between them in a park or public square, can receive a $1,000 ticket – the maximum set fine available. Officers could issue higher tickets that would be subject to the courts where fines could go up to $5,000 upon conviction.

The Mayor introduced Emergency Order No. 1 – Emergency Physical Distancing Regulations with respect to Parks, and Public Squares on Thursday as part of the City’s ongoing efforts to encourage people from separate households to keep at least two metres distance between each other to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

The COVID-19 Enforcement Team will be across the city this weekend educating the public and enforcing compliance with this new bylaw and the other measures enacted by the municipal and provincial governments.

The Toronto Police Service and the City are partnered on the enforcement of City bylaws and all orders, with 160 Toronto Police officers and other personnel assigned to the COVID-19 Enforcement Team, plus 200 Toronto Bylaw Enforcement Officers.

Officers will be educating the public about the seriousness of COVID-19, why these extraordinary measures are in place, and if, in the end, they don’t see compliance, then fines can and will be issued, some of which carry very significant penalties – up to $100,000 and one year in jail.

To date, almost 1,000 complaints have been made to the City regarding parks amenities use and concerns from the public about inappropriate physical distancing, and so far, Toronto Police have issued 21 tickets to individuals.

The City’s website is updated daily with the latest health advice, and information about City services and social supports. Check for answers to common questions before contacting the Toronto Public Health COVID-19 Hotline or 311.

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me at 416-396-7222 or by email

I hope you and your family remain safe and well.

All my Best,


April 3, 2020 City Update Including Yard Waste

Dear Neighbours, 

Please see the following update regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the City of Toronto. 

Yard waste collection resumes for two weeks

The City will resume yard waste collection from Monday, April 6 to Friday, April 17.

Information for residents:

  • Place yard waste out before 7 a.m. on your regularly scheduled garbage/yard waste collection day.
  • Please be patient as crews make their way across the city.
  • If yard waste is not picked up the scheduled day, please leave it out as it will be picked-up in the coming days. Please do not call 311 to report a missed collection.
  • To ensure health and safety, please only use yard waste bags, not open-top containers.

The start of seasonal yard waste collection was suspended as part of the City’s COVID-19 response. After the two-week period of yard waste pickup, the City will assess if it can continue to maintain the service. More information is available on the City’s website: 

City of Toronto addressing financial impacts of COVID-19 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to exert major stresses globally, the City of Toronto has been assessing, evaluating and monitoring the financial impacts to Toronto. To address the situation, the City has assembled a COVID-19 financial impact working group to focus on stabilization and rebuilding.

The City of Toronto today announced that it is experiencing a financial pressure estimated at $65 million a week. The pressure is driven by decreased TTC and other revenues, coupled with increased costs. Revenues are decreased due to closures, decreased demands, and property tax and utility payment deferrals, and increased costs are stemming from COVID-19 related needs like additional personal protective equipment supplies, cleaning, additional shelter space, and overtime. Full news release here: 

Updated list of essential services 

Following advice from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Ontario updated the list of essential businesses that can remain open. The restrictions are aimed at further reducing contact between people and stopping the spread of COVID-19.  

By 11:59 pm Saturday, April 4, 2020, businesses that are not identified on this list must close their physical locations. List of essential workplaces can be accessed here: 

The City’s website is updated daily with the latest health advice, and information about City services and social supports. Check for answers to common questions before contacting the Toronto Public Health COVID-19 Hotline or 311.

You can also reach me by telephone at 416-396-7222 or email me at 

All my Best,