Night Economy Ambassador Moving Forward

Dear Scarborough-Guildwood Residents

In April 2016, I brought forward a motion to the, then, Economic Development Committee requesting appropriate staff to explore the creation of a Night Mayor Ambassador Program for the City of Toronto. Participating cities across Europe have embraced the installation of such program and have found ties between the program and a growth in economic and civic importance of cultural life in urban areas. Details on this motion can be found here.

In July 2019, I put forward additional recommendations to City Council and supported the staff recommendation requesting the Mayor to designate a Member of Council as Toronto’s Night Ambassador. This ambassador would serve as a voice for Toronto’s entertainment related and nighttime economy activities. Details on this motion can be found here.

This week Mayor John Tory announced the appointment of Deputy Mayor Michael Thomson as the City’s Night Economy Ambassador.

I am really pleased the Economic and Community Development Committee with the support of Mayor Tory has moved my overall concept forward to fruition.  I am anticipating that Toronto’s night life will thrive with this collaboration.

The term night time economy describes the social, cultural, and economic activities that take place between 6pm and 6am within the city. The City of Toronto is always striving to boost its entertainment economy through tourism through its vibrant nightlife.

Currently the City’s nightlife sector employs tens of thousands of people. Implementing a system to help positively cultivate it will benefit the entire city including our many unique communities that make up Toronto.

The Night Mayor Ambassador role began in Amsterdam, with the concept growing to include Paris, London, the Netherlands and several cities in Belgium.

All my Best

Paul W. Ainslie