Expansion of LiciousTO Programs to Scarborough

Dear Scarborough-Guildwood Residents

The City of Toronto’s LiciousTO programs, Winterlicious and Summerlicious, have become well-attended annual events with over 200 restaurants participating. However, of the 200 restaurants participating in 2019’s Summerlicious only 3 were from the Scarborough community.

With the application process for Winterlicious 2019 behind us this is our opportunity to work towards 2020 LiciousTO events to encourage and invite Scarborough restaurants to participate and showcase their food.

On October 16th the Economic and Community Development Committee adopted my request for the General Manager of Economic Development and Culture to report on the following at the December 4th meeting of the Economic and Community Development Committee:

–          Efforts taken by the City of Toronto to enhance participation of Scarborough restaurants in Toronto’s Winterlicious/Summerlicious program

–          Information on the number of restaurants located in Scarborough that have participated in the program in the past 5 years

–          Measures taken to source locations within Scarborough

–          Current City-wide marketing efforts made to invite restaurants to participate 

Eligibility Criteria to participate in the Winterlicious and Summerlicious programs are:

–          Be an existing, full-service restaurant

–          Be located in the City of Toronto

–          Possess a current Dine Safe Green Pass issued by Toronto Public Health

To qualify a restaurant must also demonstrate that the average price of a three-course meal on the restaurants regular lunch and or dinner menu meets the minimum requirements below:

Winterlicious / Summerlicious Price Point Categories Minimum Requirements for
Regular Menu Average Price Point (three-course meal)
$23 Lunch / $33 Dinner $27 Lunch / $39 Dinner
$28 Lunch / $43 Dinner $33 Lunch / $51 Dinner
$33 Lunch / $53 Dinner $39 Lunch / $63 Dinner

Scarborough has a wealth of wonderful restaurants from every nation in the world, inviting them to participate would greatly enhance the culinary experience for all while providing Scarborough’s restaurants the exposure they merit.

The very culinary diverse food sector we have in Scarborough parallels our population and I think we can do a better job at boosting Scarborough’s participation.

More details on the application process and application deadlines for LiciousTO 2020 events can be found here.

Details on the item here: EC8.17: Expansion of Toronto’s Winterlicious/Summerlicious Program

All my Best

Paul W. Ainslie

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