October Highlights

Dear Ward 24 Residents,

The 10th City Council meeting was held over October 2nd and 3rd, 2019. At this meeting items were adopted in numerous categories such as climate and environment, road safety, housing, licensing and standards, and diversity, social and health issues and more.

On the declaration of climate emergency, Council voted to declare this state and adopt a stronger target for emission reductions aiming for net zero emissions for Toronto by 2050.

City Council supported a motion calling on Transportation Services to work with two contracted vendors to provide crossing guard services at 704 locations. The School Crossing Guard program plays an essential role in safeguarding communities across Toronto. Crossing guards maintain the safety and wellbeing of schoolchildren as they walk to and from their schools.

I’m happy to inform that City Council supported my recommendation to immediately cease the issuing of new licenses to payday-loan establishments in Toronto. These outlets are now required to give their customers information about credit counselling services to help manage their financial situations to avoid cash shortfalls and cyclical debt. Council also voted to prohibit payday-loan establishments, pawnshops and cash-for-gold vendors from advertising on City property.

In 2016 the City’s Open Door Program was approved to support the City’s efforts to deliver new affordable homes and help meet housing targets. At this time City Council authorized City funding to facilitate the creation of the 651 affordable rental homes in eight non-profit and private sector developments across Toronto.

Council has approved a motion requesting the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) board to explore discounted post-secondary fares taking into account the provincial government changes to post-secondary fee system. The TTC will be asked to report on this matter during the City’s 2020 budget process.

The development of a gender equity strategy for the city was directed by City Council along with the support for establishing a gender equity unit within People and Equity at the City. Creating this unit will provide dedicated resources to ensure the creation of a robust strategy.

Full details on the October 2nd and 3rd City Council meeting can be found here.

On October 5th Toronto explored the 14th edition of Nuit Blanche in downtown Toronto and Scarborough. There were nearly 90 projects from 300 artists, which included performance art, interactive installations, sculptures and mixed media. Eight projects remain on display including Ephemeral Artifacts at Scarborough Town Centre and Scarborough Royalty in Albert Campbell Square. More details on which projects are still on display across the city can be found here.

You can also vote for your favourite photo taken at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019 here. You can vote by liking the one you like most on Instagram. 

All my Best,

Paul W. Ainslie

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