Delivering Digital Government

Dear Ward 24 Neighbours,

At the March 5th General Government and Licensing Committee meeting the Chief of Information Officer, Rob Meikle, gave a presentation on “Delivering Digital Government to Toronto”.

What is Digital Government?

A Digital Government has core capabilities supported by organizational enablers. Capabilities are customer and business facing innovations such as:

  • Services that digitize touchpoints and consolidate online access platforms
  • The automation of transactional processes
  • More accurate and intelligent decisions through advanced predictive analytics
  • Data Sharing for greater transparency and strengthening public trust

While enablers are innovations across government systems such as:

  • Strategy focus and attention on the needs of populations
  • Government and Organization funding mechanism for collaboration, innovation and efficiency
  • Leadership and Talent commitment and awareness of trends and opportunities
  • Technology and analytic platforms that support efforts in big data and open data

What does Digital Government Deliver?

Digital Government delivers City business modernization and innovation to enhance City Services delivery to the citizens of Toronto.

Digital Government enhances the city’s business process and systems with a focus on opportunities to streamline and integrate.

Moreover, Digital Government also drives improvements with a focus on social and economic benefits through the following examples: 

Open Data

By empowering citizens with access to city information at their fingertips

Vision Zero

Enhancing road safety through technology: enabling motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to make safe routing choices based on reliable road safety instruction

Wellbeing Toronto

Fostering neighbourhood development: empowering citizens to access neighbourhood information through self-serve windows of engagement using the Wellbeing Toronto web application

Equity Lens

Advanced local outcomes: embedding access, equity, diversity and human rights practices into all aspects of the City’s business will lead to greater equitable outcomes for staff and residents

In 2018, the City of Toronto has delivered enhanced City Services through technological innovation through the following examples: 

  • 2018 Municipal election results delivered to the public within 15 minutes of closing
  • Improve Commuter Safety with the decline in public injuries with quicker reporting and resolution of sidewalk repairs with Vision Zero
  • Advancing Social Outcomes through Equity Lens online tool to identify and address equity barriers
  • Enhanced Online Self-Service licensing system that enables online application of business licenses and permits

Digital Government drives City business modernization and innovation, focus on opportunities to streamline and integrate the City’s business systems and ensures secure, reliable technology environment.

Please let me know your thoughts and concerns!

All my best,


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