Winter Is Coming!

Dear Residents of Ward 43,

December is here! This year has flown by extremely fast and the Holiday Season is just around the corner. I know there a few of you who have already checked off every single item on their to-dos and wish lists. I also know that there are those out there who have not even taken a peak at their lists. All lists aside, for a moment I would ask you to think about what your Holiday Season is going to be like this year. Throwing a small party or inviting the entire family? Will it be another filled with traditions or an attempt to mix it up this year?

To add onto your traditional holiday activities the City offers winter season programming that include skating programs, swimming programs and March Break camps. Registration for Scarborough Districts begin this Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 7 a.m. Before attending registration individuals should visit for more information. Participants can register using the website as it is the easiest way to register for programs. There are plenty of free programs and there is also and an older adult (60+ years) discount who receive a 50 per cent discount.

Winter is coming! Visit for more information on winter activities and events. #WelcomeTOwinter

The cold weather is fast approaching! Despite the expected indecisiveness from our City weather remember to bundle and stay warm. Always have the essentials on you; a warm coat, scarf, a hat, mask, mittens or gloves, warm and safe footwear! Keep in mind of the weather, remember what black ice is and avoid it, drive safe and travel safe.

The City of Toronto 2016 Holiday Wish List is open to your help in donations or volunteer time. The Holiday Wish List is a guide for residents to help the homeless and vulnerable people of this City during this holiday season. Aside from winter dress essentials the organizations participating on this Wish List, they are also looking for toiletries, children’s toys and gift cards for food or groceries. On the website there is an alphabetical list with the organization’s name and address along with the organization’s needs, as well as contact info for volunteer opportunities and more details.

Again I encourage all of you to keep warm and stay safe. Maybe extend a favour to the others in need.


Paul Ainslie

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