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Area: south of Ellesmere, east of McCowan, West of Bellamy, north of Brimorton

Scarborough Subway Extension Community Liaison Committee Invitation – McCowan Rd & Lawrence Ave E.
Metrolinx is looking for residents to become a member of a Community Liaison Committee representing the McCowan Road and Lawrence Ave East area to ensure diverse perspectives are heard throughout the construction of the Scarborough Subway Extension.

  • Starting in 2022, Metrolinx plans to host virtual meetings every other month to deliver project updates and provide folks with an intimate opportunity to give feedback.
  • These meetings will also provide networking opportunities for folks who have similar issues to discuss how they can collaborate to find solutions.
  • Meetings will have different themes to discuss specific items with specialists from Metrolinx to provide an overview of the information.
    • Traffic Impacts
    • Station Designs
    • Construction Schedule Changes
    • Complaints/Issue Management

If you are interested in joining, please contact as soon as possible to become a member of the Committee.

Welcome T.O. Winter 
I encourage everyone to review the City’s Winter Services which is available online here. Track real-time locations of plows, sidewalk plows and salt trucks and identify which roads have been serviced by winter snow clearing vehicles and crews using the City’s PlowTO Map. Remember contacting 311 is the most efficient way to ensure the City is aware of any snow clearing issues and can have crews out as soon as resources are available. More information about the City’s snow clearing plan is available at

Toronto Coyote Sightings – Tips and Reminders!
Remember these tips:

  • Never feed coyotes
  • Do not approach coyotes, their dens or their young
  • Do not touch coyotes, even if they appear tame, sick or injured
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • If you see a coyote, do not run but make some noise to scare it away
  • Dispose of garbage and waste before leaving parks

If you see someone feeding a coyote, call 311 as it is against City bylaw (Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 608, Parks  Section 36). To report a coyote sighting, call 416-338-PAWS (7297), or email or fill out an online form. 

Explore Your City Parks:

  • North Bendale Park
  • Bendale Park


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