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Scarborough Transit Planning Update



Recetly, the City of Toronto did a RapidTO Presentation which focused on reviewing project details discussing why improving bus and streetcar transit in Toronto is important and shared how individulas can help contribute to future plans. Check out the presentation here!

The big decision at City Hall…City Council adopted the next steps in the process to build the extension of the Bloor-Danforth subway to the Scarborough Town Centre. In July 2016, City Council voted to build both this station and the Eglinton East Crosstown LRT together with a $2 billion budget… The budget for the subway station alone has risen to $3.5 billion with only 5% of it designed to date. Ridership projections have gone down by 49%. This budgetary increase for the subway station has taken all the money out of the proposed LRT extension to the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus at Ellesmere and Morningside. City Council is now asking the Federal and Provincial governments for additional monetary support. Link to City Council Decision

Community Bus Project Cancelled: The increased budget for the subway extension is also leading to the cancellation of the community bus project we have been advocating for at the TTC for over 5 years.

Transit plans and facts on the Eglinton East Crosstown LRT can be viewed here and on my website. On Monday March 28, I was a member of a panel at a community transportation meeting. During the meeting many residents, including youth made it clear they support the LRT which allowed for necessary, better, public transit travel on local roads networks to work, shop and attend school.  Light rail transit would also encourage improved business access along LRT routes, as they are above ground where people can see the community and get off where needed, as opposed to longer stops below ground on a subway.  The area known as the "Golden Mile" located along Eglinton Avenue at Victoria Park is receiving light rail transit. The entire area is being revitalized with residential and business opportunities.  This is what I will continue to fight for in Scarborough East.

Scarborough Transit Planning Update
To view the plan please visit send in your comments to myself at and the planning staff.


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