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Thursday March 11, 2010

PDF of Motion

I have put a motion forward to Scarborough Community Council to be heard on April 27, 2010 entitled "Prohibiting the Industrialization of Crown lands".
I have requested to the Clerk for Scarborough Community Council  to have the item heard during the morning session. This will provide deputants an opportunity to plan to attend the meeting.  
This motion seeks support and approval from the Scarborough Community Council Members to protect our Scarborough waterfront by not permitting the Federal Government or Provincial Government to industrialize Crown lands on or in our waterway.  The full text of the motion is attached to this e-mail.
Your support is needed.
In order to push this motion forward your voices and written word are required.  It would be beneficial for our community if you could make a to make a short presentation in front of Scarborough Community Council on April 27, 2010.  If  you are not able to appear in person send your comments to the City Clerk's office in a letter. 
In order to register as a deputant you need to telephone: 416-396-7287, Fax: 416-396-4301 or e-mail  Comments are to be faxed or e-mailed to the same contact as well.
Paul Ainslie, City Councillor
Ward 43
Scarborough East
Tel: 416 392-4008
Fax: 416 392-4006



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