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News Release

November 9 , 2009

From the Office of
Councillor Paul Ainslie
Ward 43 – Scarborough East

Wind Testing to Go Ahead Despite Opposition from Councillor Paul Ainslie
& Community Members

Scarborough East - Councillor Paul Ainslie (Ward 43 Scarborough East) today received word that Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. has received the final approval they required from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to build a wind research platform (anemometer) in Lake Ontario, approximately 1.2 km offshore. 

Councillor Ainslie has commented that “I am not supporting this project for several reasons.   Economically, the project will cost millions of dollars to the taxpayers for very little return.  Environmentally, the visual pollution the anemometer will bring to the area will be immense as the purpose for the testing if positive will be to introduce over 60 wind turbines to the Lake Ontario bed at the foot of the Scarborough Bluffs”.

“It is simply a bad project to be off the Scarborough Bluffs”. Councillor Ainslie added.

Councillor Ainslie has had continuous contact with the community directly effected by the proposal as well as an ongoing dialogue with the Provincial Ministry of Natural Resources,   Toronto Hydro, local MPP the Hon. Margarett Best, Minister of Health Promotion and the Hon. MPP George Smitherman, Deputy Premier, Minister of Minister of Energy and Infrastructure to express his disapproval of the wind anemometer installation and has advised them that the Scarborough Bluffs is not the proper location for the possibility of the installation of wind turbines.

Early this week Councillor Ainslie together with Councillor Brian Ashton and Councillor Ron Moeser agreed to request that Dr. David McKeown, City of Toronto Medical Officer of Health in his capacity as Medical Officer of Health for the City of Toronto prepare a study, and report on any potential negative health impacts wind turbines may have on communities and their respective surrounding ecological system. 

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