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News Release

November 9 , 2009

From the Office of
Councillor Paul Ainslie
Ward 43 – Scarborough East

Scarborough Girls Return from a 'Journey of a Lifetime' 

Councillor Paul Ainslie (Ward 43 Scarborough East):  Will on Tuesday November 10, 2009,  welcome Principal Wendy Blain together with Maedy and Shunice as they share with Scarborough Community Council Members their experiences during their 14 days in Africa. 

Recently eleven Scarborough female students returned from Africa having completed a 14 day journey in Africa.  The girls spent 5 days at the Limuru Girls' School outside of Nairobi, Kenya where they lived in dormitory housing with the Kenyan girls. They began their day attending classes with at 5:30 am returning to their dorms after 'prep' at 9:30pm.

"They developed friendships quickly with many of the 900 students. We were welcomed to the school with open hearts from the faculty as well as the students", says Principal Wendy Blain who along with Teacher Felicia McVannell also stayed in the dorms with the girls.

The grade 11 Toronto District School Board students from 5 area high schools spent 14 days in Kenya and Tanzania to champion the causes of other girls across the globe.

The students trained for the journey for 9 months. During this time they collectively raised $50,000 in an effort to send 10 girls to secondary school through UNICEF's Kenyan girls' scholarship program.  Part of their journey also included climbing Africa's highest mountain - Mount Kilimanjaro.


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