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News Release

From the Office of

Councillor Paul Ainslie

Ward 43 - Scarborough East

June 8, 2009

Municipal Road Damage Deposit (Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 743)

“Constituents have been contacting my office for over a month now, being completed unaware of the need for a permit” States Councillor Paul Ainslie.  The City of Toronto’s Right of Way Management in 2008 informed Paving Companies that permits would be required many companies are not passing this information onto their clients.  “Residents have been placed in a situation where a stop order has been placed on their property, leaving an unfinished driveway for them to deal with until the company can revisit the area and the permit can be issued, this is reason enough to place the onus on the construction company to obtain any permits”.

The permit charge currently stands at $127.09 for paving/excavation/construction permits; which, comes from the fee schedule that was originally approved by City Council in 2000, and the rates are adjusted each year by the CPI rate as approved by Council.  Since the passing of the Front Yard Parking By-law (Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 918), which prohibits all front yard parking and maintains landscape open space, in all of the Scarborough Wards, staff have been directed that all damages that occurred during construction to City property, be repaired at the owners expense, the level of enforcement was stepped up.

“The General Contractor/Paving Company should be obtaining any needed permits.  If any damages should occur it would be from their equipment not the residential home owner.” Councillor Paul Ainslie noted.

This would allow the City of Toronto to deal directly with businesses, which would in fact decrease the time consumed in dealing with each individual homeowner. As businesses would have the opportunity to apply for several permits at once, saving City staff time.  This motion would also respect the General Contractors/Paving Company from having to deal with stop orders which would delay their scheduled work, thirdly this motion would serve to protect our City of Toronto residents who are not aware of the new measure and could fall into default with the City of Toronto.
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