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Area: north of Kingston Road, west of Morningside Rd.  south of Morningside Park, east of Galloway Road

Road Resurfacing on Kingston Road and Morningside Avenue
I am happy to inform everyone the road resurfacing on Kingston Road and Morningside Avenue is now complete. The advance left turn signal has also been activated at this intersection.  

East Scarborough Storefront
Visit this great asset in our community!  The East Scarborough Storefront facilitates collaboration, builds community and supports people to learn and create together, to live healthy lives, to find meaningful work, and to play and thrive in the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood (KGO). Learn how to get involved, and check out events/activities at Storefront!

Explore Your City Parks

  • Greenvale Park
  • Highland Creek Park
  • Galloway Park
  • Eastview Park
  • West Hill Park

East Scarborough Storefront
Work for your community. Visit your community Storefront to explore and join their commitment to the community.



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