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Area: north of Kingston Road, west of Morningside Rd.  south of Morningside Park, east of Galloway Road

West Hill Play Park Enhancement Project
The West Hill Play Park Enhancement Project which includes the installation of the Henderson playground option is on track to begin construction in Spring 2020. Further details will be provided when possible.

Decision Notice of Application First Party Signage Master Plan: 4435-4479 Kingston Road
It is the Chief Building Official's decision to grant the requested variance required for the proposal. The proposal is to be erected substantially in accordance with the submission materials included as part of the Signage Master Plan application. Find decision notice here.

Watermain Replacement on Livingston Road North, Greenvale Terrace, and Kingston Road (Greenvale to Celeste)
The City of Toronto is planning to replace the watermain and the City-owned portion of substandard water services on Livingston Road North, Greenvale Terrace, and Kingston Road (from Greenvale to Celeste). The water services is the underground pipe which brings water to your water metre and is owned by you and by the City. The part you own is from you house to the end of your property, the part the City owns is from the end of your property to the watermain. Expected period is: Spring 2020 to December 2020. See notice here.

East Scarborough Storefront
Visit this great asset in our community!  The East Scarborough Storefront facilitates collaboration, builds community and supports people to learn and create together, to live healthy lives, to find meaningful work, and to play and thrive in the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood (KGO). Learn how to get involved, and check out events/activities at Storefront!

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