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Community Survey
The 7 Oaks Community Association has posted a survey on their website for your input.  I encourage you to partake in shaping your community with the newly revitalized association. Survey

Contact: Dan Nortes, President, 7 Oaks Residents Association, Website: 7 Oaks Residents Association

Military Trail at Neilson Road and at Morningside Avenue: Underground Construction - full notice and the map
Toronto Hydro is planning to perform maintenance work on the aging underground electrical system in your community to help improve service reliability. The work includes the upgrade of electrical cables within the City of Toronto’s public property allowance in front of or adjacent to your lot.

The civil portion of this project is expected to begin by early November 2017 with an approximate completion date of late June 2018. The project area includes sections of Military Trail and Slan Avenue between Scarborough Golf Club Road (West) and Morningside Avenue (East). Throughout this project, there will be no planned outages.  Please review the full notice and the map of the project.

Military Trail Road Work Highcastle Road to Ellesmere Road
Notice to community
If you have any questions on this project please contact the project manager
Steven Bertolo, 416-338-5629 email:

The work on Military Trail continues.  A notice was sent out to the community in October outlining the work.  As we all know the watermain break caused significant road damages found in many locations making the road closure necessary. 

The geotechnical investigation (an engineering report of the pavement structure and subsurface soil conditions) is underway to determine the extent of the damage and to help plan for the permanent road repairs.

Once the results of the geotechnical investigation are complete, staff can properly assess the damage and develop a road repair plan.

The geotechnical fieldwork investigation will be underway by November. Final recommendations from the fieldwork will be provided to the City in December.

Scouts Canada

"I have two children in Scouts Canada with the 1st Centenary, my daughter age 11 and son age 7. They both love it!
We as a family have enjoyed the many outings and community events that Scouts have planned or helped in some way.  We look forward to many more years with Scouts Canada."
"My four kids are in the Scouts program with 1st Centenary and we have found it very rewarding.   What is notable is the dedication to and knowledge of the program.  
My older two are in Scouts and recently came home full of pride after making catapults. I thought it was amazing." 

"I encourage all parents if they have an opportunity to check out their local area Scout troupe for their kids, it's a great opportunity for learning and forming friendships."  
"Our family has been involved in Scouting with 1st Centenary for the past 7 years.  We know that all the experiences they have gone through with Scouting have enabled our children to discover feelings confidence, skills to become leaders of tomorrow and an appreciation and connection for the outdoors."

We meet Tuesday/Wednesdays at St Edmund Campion and Highcastle PS depending on whether it is Beavers, Cub Scouts, or Scouts.  Times and age groups vary so give us a call at 416-724-9215 and explore what Scouts Canada can do for your boy or girl, ages 5 to 26!!

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