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Community Survey
The 7 Oaks Community Association has posted a survey on their website for your input.  I encourage you to partake in shaping your community with the newly revitalized association. Survey

Contact: Dan Nortes, President, 7 Oaks Residents Association, Website: 7 Oaks Residents Association

Watermain Cleaning and Relining on Purpledusk Trail and Trailridge Crescent
City of Toronto Works Department staff will be cleaning and structurally relining the watermain   system on Purpledusk Trail and Trailridge Crescent. The work is to start this month.  The City-owned portion of any substandard water service pipes will also be replaced. This project is part of the Council approved Capital Works Program to renew our aging infrastructure, improve water distribution, and reduce the risk of watermain breaks. See full construction notice here.   Everyone's patience while this work is being done is very much appreciated

Request to Extend The Length of the Timing for Eastbound Left-Turn Arrow: Ellesmere Road at Neilson Road(Northbound)
The request to Transportation Services staff to have this get done has been turned down once. The request to extend the time at this location is being re-examined upon my request.  I have explained this is needed in order to clear traffic on Ellesmere which is trying to turn northbound on to Neilson Road, in particular during the evening rush-hour.  I will keep everyone updated. See full report here.

Request for an All-Way Stop Signs: Keeler Boulevard at Skyridge Road
Transportation Services' staff have completed a review of Keeler Boulevard and Skyridge Road for All-Way Stop Signs at this intersection after it was requested by a local resident. Based on their review, they have concluded the installation of an All-Way Stop Signs at this intersection is not justified at this time. See full report here.

I will be sending a survey to residents who reside on Skyridge Road and Keeler Boulevard asking if they are in favour or not of this installation.  If the majority is in favour I will bring the matter to Scarborough Community Council asking for implementation. If the responses are negative no further action will take place.



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