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Community Survey
The 7 Oaks Community Association has posted a survey on their website for your input.  I encourage you to partake in shaping your community with the newly revitalized association. Survey

Contact: Dan Nortes, President, 7 Oaks Residents Association, Website: 7 Oaks Residents Association

Update on Toronto Water Construction on Ellesmere Road between Morningside Avenue and Military Trail at Mornelle Court
My office has received a high volume of inquiries regarding the Toronto Water Construction at the above noted area. My office has been notified the repair is for the slope failure on the south side of Ellesmere Road at Mornelle Court, west of Morningside Avenue which resulted in potential damage to a Toronto Water transmission watermain. The crew is continuing to work in the ravine installing armour stone to help with the erosion of the creek at the outfall of the new culvert. This project is estimated to be completed in Spring 2020, weather permitting.

Community Concerns: 38 Pineslope Crescent
Thank you everyone for submitting your comments in regards to the 38 Pineslope Cres. application.

Many of you were able to attend the meeting last week and voice your concerns with the application, as a result Scarborough Committee of Adjustment refused all the variances in the application. (please see full decision notice attached)

Moving forward the applicant has two options, either make changes to the application or to file an appeal to Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB), the deadline to file an appeal is Wednesday, February 12, 2020 
Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) is a different format than Committee of Adjustment, essentially it is a court hearing.

There is a Guide which explains in detail what TLAB is and how it operates, you can find it here.

I will keep you informed if the appeal is filed and provide details on the hearing date and process to register for the hearing or submit comments. Feel free to get in touch with me directly for any further questions at any time.

Local Traffic Vehicle Identification Program
I have been working with both the Toronto Police Services and the City Transportation Division to have this request for local vehicle decals for the residents of Seven Oaks explored for implementation. Transportations Services has reported back on the matter in the negative, and are not supporting the implementation of the program.

The findings indicated that: Transportations Services has consulted with Toronto Police Services and, after taking into consideration the ability to enforce such exemptions, the potential impacts on equal access to transportation infrastructure and the administration of such a program, does not recommend implementing a pilot local traffic vehicle identification program. The detailed report can be viewed here.

Since the implementation of the turn restrictions at Military Trail and Highcastle Road there has been a significant decline in concerns for speeding and traffic congestion by cut through traffic in the area of concern by local residents. 

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