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Morningside Park Improvements Throughout 2015

1. $90,000 repairs to asphalt roadway from Orchard parking and third washroom parking lot

2. Replaced old picnic area signage with new picnic area signage

3. Installation of curb stones along parking lot islands and orchard parking area augmented with armour stone to control weekend illegal parking and blocking of emergency access

4. Line painting in first parking lot area

5. Toronto Region Conservation Authority repaired damages to first parking lot area

6. Washroom building 1 interior painted and floor tiled (washroom building 3 was tiled and roof repaired in 2013)

7. Clean up of illegal dumping along ravine area flanking 400 Lawrence Avenue in the spring and clean up again mid-summer to remove furnishings placed on hill south of playground.

8. Culvert's cage to keep beaver's out rebuilt north of service road

9. Natural Ice Rink area extended area was aerated top-dressed and seeded

10. Woodchip pathway re-chipped by picnic area 7

11. Winter/spring drainage swale north of gate between second parking lot and orchard parking lot was re-established

12. Winter/spring drainage swale adjacent marsh area along pathway west picnic area 5 was cleared

13. Livingston Road and Greenvale Terrace entrance to Morningside Park, forested area by dead end area cleaned up for illegal dumping of yard and construction waste

14. Canoe installed in Toronto Region Conservation Authority meadow area by fire pit No. 4 and planted with pollinator species

15. Water bottle filling stations installed at each of the washrooms

16. Temporary repairs of concrete bridge railing and new railings fabricated by parks construction to be installed in 2016

17. All deer exclusion mesh around newly planted trees raised for ease of line trimming

18. All park benches painted

19. Metal railing around Greenvale Park east of Livingston Rd / Greenvale Terrace painted

20. Concrete ping pong table placed near breezeway at washroom building 1 donated by Forest Hill Rotary Club.

21. Stream area south-west of parking lot 3 planted with riparian species and vegetation removed which was smothering plantings

22. Military trail flanks illegal dumping cleaned up numerous times

23. South-east of Progress Avenue and Markham Road illegal dumping and general litter cleaned up

24. Are near Woburn Park litter and illegal dumping cleaned up

25. Monthly inspections and replacement of missing damage equipment at all 27 lifesaving stations – need to re-install 3 lifesaving stations that were lost to the stream due to bank erosion. Will be replaced in 2016

26. Forestry Natural Environment staff surveyed Weir Crescent entrance to Morningside Park and started to do work on this pathway. This work is to be completed

27. Cleaned up stairs and pathway that leads to Centenary Hospital

28. Cleared vegetation to flanks to all bridges, removed graffiti and painted wood hand rails where they existed

29. Removed illegal dumping and litter from Templeton Court and Celeste Drive entrance to Morningside Park

30. Removed illegal dumping and litter from north-east flank of Lawrence Bridge and cleared back vegetation behind the guard rail

31. Removed graffiti on the asphalt trail near Lawrence Avenue entrance

32. Filled ruts and holes from dogs, volley ball play, illegal metal detector enthusiasts and Storm Water Management vehicles in picnic turf areas

33. Repaired water erosion area west of parking lot 1

34. Repaired vandalized gate south of parking lot 1, between parking lots 1 & 2 as well as 2 & orchard area

35. Repaired vandalized chain gate at west dead end of asphalt driveway just north of washroom building 3

36. Removed boulders that breached turf areas in picnic areas and constitute hazard to mower decks and pedestrian patrons

37. Filled large sunken area along west flank of parking lot 3

38. Worked with school boards to find new routes for their cross country events so that ESA areas and areas with ticks were not entered by students; forestry work, trip hazards and encroaching vegetation removed from routes used by cross county students

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