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Q - How can I have a 40 km/h speed zone installed on my street?

A - Before we consider implementing a 40 km/h speed zone on a given street(s), within a community, Transportation Services staff first conduct a speed study to determine the volume of traffic on the street, as well as the prevailing vehicle speeds. To warrant a 40 km/h speed limit, the criteria of the 40 km/h Speed Limit Warrants must be achieved. This warrant considers a number of factors including operating speed, collisions, roadway geometry, adjacent land uses and pedestrian activity. If the warrant requirements are met, staff will typically recommend the change, which must first be approved by East Community Council before the 40 km/h speed limit can be installed.

Q - How can I have an all-way stop control installed at an intersection in my community?

A - To determine whether the installation of an all-way stop is warranted, staff must first conduct an extensive 8 hr. traffic study at the intersection. These study results are then applied to the City of Toronto, All-Way Stop Control Warrant. This warrant considers a number of key factors such as collisions, traffic volumes, roadway geometry and neighboring traffic control devices. If the warrant requirements are met, staff will typically recommend the installation, which must first be approval by the Scarborough Community Council before it can be installed.

Key points:

  • All-way stop controls operate more effectively at intersections with higher traffic volumes, and a balanced split between the traffic on the major street and on the minor street.
  • All-way stops are intended to control right-of-way and are not intended as speed control devices

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