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Guild Park and Gardens Update

Guildwood Village Community Association
The Guild Renaissance Group (GRG)
Friends of Elizabeth Simcoe Park
Friends of Guild Park & Gardens

Area: the residential area south of Kingston Road, west of Grey Abbey Ravine, east of Bellamy Ravine Creek


TIME: 7:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Holy Trinity Church

In order to address community concerns at Guildwood Village Plaza, I have been informed that Morguard (the plaza management company), Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate, Garda Private Security Company and the Toronto Police 43
Division are working together. click here for the letter

City Street Furniture Installation in the Community
TTC transit shelters will be installed at:
- The North/East and South/ East Corners of Guildwood Pkwy and Scarcliff Gardens.

Litter Receptacle will also be placed at:
- The South/West Side of Kingston Rd. and Guildcrest Dr.
- the South/West Side of Westlake Rd. and Livingston Rd

If there are other locations you would like to see garbage cans, bus shelters, or benches. Please contact my office with any suggestions.

Request for All-Way Stop Control at Galloway Road at Coronation Drive Intersection
Transportation Services - Scarborough District conducted a review of the above-noted matter. The results of the review indicates that the installation of an All-Way Stop Control is not justified at the subject intersection at this time. Full report available hereIf you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us via phone at 416-392-4008 or via email at

The Guild Festival Theatre Needs Our Financial Support
As many know the financial stability of the Theatre is currently in a precarious state due to the loss of its key sponsor. Progress has been made in the Theatre's request for support.  Ongoing fundraising efforts have continued to be positive.  Under my direction the City is also stepping forward. The City's Culture division and Theatre are now working together to form a partnership.  They have been actively working with the goal to have the production run this summer, and well into the future. The Guild Festival Theatre is an asset to the park's revitalization and entire city! It brings theatre goers to Scarborough to experience live theatre in a beautiful park setting.

The Guild Festival Theatre is a registered charity and non-profit organization which is a jewel in our community.  Performances have been held in the Guild Park and Gardens Greek Amphitheatre since 2011.  Although strides have been made to support the theatre group support is still needed.  If you would like to contribute in helping the theatre please click here for more information.   

Guild Alive with Culture Festival
As we go into our 11th year, I am proud to continue to host the Arts Festival with the Guild Renaissance Group.  The Festival date has been set for 2018!! It will be held on Saturday July 28 – Sunday July 2018. If you are interested in volunteering please email  Also visit the website to view the 2018 applications to register for a booth

Guildwood Junior Public School is collecting dead batteries!
As posted on their Facebook page Guildwood Junior Public School is asking for your participation in their participation in the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge.  To bring awareness to the importance to recycling batteries.  The program compliments the schools eco-platinum which has been running for 8 years in conjunction with their environmental curriculum. Students are asking neighbours and friends to look around their junk drawers, empty the jar you have in your garage or basement, and bring them either to Valu-Mart, the Guildwood Public Library or to our school on Livingston Road. If you can’t make it to drop off, we have parent volunteers who will come to you. PM me and I will arrange it.

The top three schools out of 125 schools will receive a percentage of money raised. This challenge will also help support SickKids Foundation. For more information about the challenge, check out Thank you to everyone for helping the environment and supporting Guildwood Junior Public School!!

Scarborough Waterfront Trail Draft Environmental Studyview study
There have been two phases to the Scarborough Waterfront Project, the first being the Terms of Reference phase (completed) and the second is the Environmental Assessmentphase (currently underway).  You may view the
Minutes of the July 28, 2018 meeting hereSubscribe to the newsletter here.

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