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Friends of Elizabeth Simcoe Park
Friends of Guild Park & Gardens

Area: the residential area south of Kingston Road, west of Grey Abbey Ravine, east of Bellamy Ravine Creek

The Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival Please mark your calendar!!
Saturday July 27 – Sunday July 28!  Festival website for updates.
Volunteers are needed! Email:

Welcome to Guildwood Sign 
The "Welcome to Guildwood" sign which was located on the west side of Morningside Avenue, just south of the CNR tracks, was severely damaged last Fall when someone drove up on the boulevard and hit it with their vehicle. The sign is being repaired by Transportation Services' staff, and will be re-installed in the Spring of 2019. Its general location will remain the same. It will be repositioned a few metres farther back from the roadway and hopefully safe from passing motorists! If you have any questions or comments regarding this item please contact me at 416-396-7222 or

Request for an All-Way Stop Control: Dearham Wood at Lausanne Crescent
Transportation Services staff completed a review on a request for All-Way Stop Signs to be installed at Dearham Wood at Lausanne Crescent after a request was made by a local resident. Based on their review of the area, specifically pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic, staff decided an All-Way Stop is not justified at this time. The results of the review indicated the existing stop signs at the intersection are providing safe pedestrian and motorist conditions. Therefore, they are unable to recommend the installation of All-Way Stop Signs at this time. See full report here.   (My office is still waiting for another report which is reviewing the intersection of Dearham Wood and Schubert Drive, with a similar All-Way Stop request.)

Request for Traffic Control Signals - Morningside Avenue at Cumber Avenue/Fordover Drive
This item will be on the agenda for the April 24, 2019 meeting of the Scarborough Community Council.

A request for the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Morningside Avenue and Cumber Avenue/Fordover Drive was made by concerned residents living in the area.  Transportation Services' staff reviewed pedestrian, as well as motor-vehicle use of the intersection. Their investigative results came to the conclusion a change from the current crosswalk to traffic signals was not supportable. Residents however, have advised me they still feel the traffic lights are necessary for the safety of the students who cross to attend Poplar Road Junior Public School. Full report here.

Area residents can make a five-minute presentation in support of the installation, or submit their comments in writing to the City Clerk.  If you plan in attending the meeting to speak or listen – please mark your calendar!  You may only register or send in comments when the item is officially posted online by the City Clerk.  Please let me know if you are interested, and I will ensure you receive the notice to register.



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