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Guild Park and Gardens Update

Guildwood Village Community Association
The Guild Renaissance Group (GRG)
Friends of Elizabeth Simcoe Park
Friends of Guild Park & Gardens

Area: the residential area south of Kingston Road, west of Grey Abbey Ravine, east of Bellamy Ravine Creek


DATE: May 8, 2018
TIME: 7:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Holy Trinity Church

In order to address community concerns at Guildwood Village Plaza, I have been informed that Morguard (the plaza management company), Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate, Garda Private Security Company and the Toronto Police 43
Division are working together. click here for the letter

Guildwood Village Community Association Celebrates 60 years
It was a pleasure to see so many of you at the Guildwood Village Community Association's 60th Annual General Meeting on March 20. I would like to congratulate and thank whole heartedly outgoing President Dave Arnold for all of his tremendous work, and welcome your new President Jim Whitney and the Executive.

No Parking restrictions at Poplar Road Public School
After speaking with local parents I have requested enforcement of the No Parking restrictions in front of Poplar Road Public School during both in the morning and afternoon drop off and pick up times. There is a safety concern for the children crossing due to parked vehicles causing blind spots. I have also requesting a signalized crosswalk to replace the one currently in front of the school

Clark Centre for the Arts: (Or as it is usually called "Building 191 on the grounds of the Guild Park and Gardens.) The City is on track to look for a construction firm, and hopefully award the contract in October, with construction starting before the end of the year.  The centre should be complete in the second half of 2020.

The Guildwood Public Library: Which welcomes 62,000 annual visitors, is substantially undersized compared to other branches for this amount of usage.  It does not include basic amenities and this negatively impacts the Library's ability to deliver much needed services to the Guildwood community. The renovations to expand the library will add approximately 1,560 sq. ft. to support programming, study space, zone areas for children, teens and adults and accessible public washrooms. For further information please visit the library’s website at

Toronto District School Board:  Is currently hosting a series of meetings across the community with a larger meeting scheduled for the evening of April 24, 2018 at Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI.  The discussions surrounds the possible closing of Jack Miner Senior Public School, as well as renovations to Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School, Poplar Road Junior Public School, and Guildwood Junior Public School to accommodate offering Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.  I encourage everyone to attend these meetings. Once a school is closed or property sold it will never return to Guildwood. If you require information, please contact your Public School Trustee Jerry Chadwick at

TTC Bus Stops along Guildwood Parkway: I have written to the TTC requesting that the bus stops they have proposed to remove stay in place.  A Guildwood resident has also advised that he will be collecting signatures to petition the TTC against their removal.  If you would like to add your name to the petition please send me an email and I will advise the resident to reach out to you to collect your signature.

Grey Abbey Ravine - Emergency interim works
We have been advised that Toronto Water, TRCA, and Toronto Forestry - Ravines Protection staff are working together in the Grey Abbey Ravine area to repair the Toronto Waters' outfall issue from last year. In June 2017, there was a large slope failure along the western side of the ravine measuring approximately 9m high and 14.5m wide. The failure extends from the base of the ravine to the top of the slope behind some homes on Greyabbey Trail.

Work is planned to start on Monday April 2nd and anticipate it taking about two months. Snow fencing will be placed to deter any members of the public from access the area from the top of the ravine.

ATV drivers entering Guildwood park and woods
It was brought to the attention of Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff that ATV drivers were entering the woods and park in the east parking lot, at the foot of Galloway Road. To address this concern PFR staff have installed two large boulders to prevent them from entering the parking lot without opening the gate but still allowing for pedestrian access.

Guild Alive with Culture Festival – Volunteers Needed!
As we go into our 11th year, I am proud to continue to host this amazing arts festival, along with the Guild Renaissance Group.  The Festival dates for this year are Saturday July 28 – Sunday and July 2018. Please email to volunteerAlso visit the festival website for updates.

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