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Curran Hall Community
Area: the residential area south of Ellesmere, east of Scarborough Golf Club Road, west of Highland Creek, north of Lawrence

Welcome to Curran Hall!
Thank you to John Barrett, a long time Curran Hall resident for joining me at the unveiling of the new “Welcome to Curran Hall Community” community sign located on the southeast corner of Orton Park Road and Ellesmere Road. I have been receiving many positive remarks on the signs. (The other one is located at the northeast corner of Orton Park Road and Lawrence Ave East!).

Botany Hill Park Tree Planting
Information will be provided to area residents to participate in an upcoming tree planting event within Botany Hill Park. All of Curran Hall community will be invited to participate in helping to create a habitat to reduce storm water flow. Further details on dates, times and will be provided as soon as possible.

Curran Hall Programming – Join the programming offered within your community link.  Located at 277 Orton Park Road  
A number of programs are offered for all ages at Curran Hall Community Centre from yoga, Pilates, dance for all ages, cooking classes, marital arts, visual arts, adventure camps, youth leadership programs and much more.  The centre also offers drop in programs for youth 9 -12yrs old on Saturdays from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm. Take a look!




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