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November 13th, 2009

Construction of the Wind Anemometer

Good Afternoon.

This morning I confirmed with Toronto Hydro Renewable Energy Resources  the object currently in Lake Ontario is the barge being used to work on the construction of the wind anemometer.

This barge in the water has a crane on a flat bed which is not the anemometer.   The complete installation will be done by the end of November according to Toronto Hydro

What the picture shows is the working barge that is in the lake to drill anchors into the bedrock, as required by the Ministry. 

The legs raised out of the barge are called "spuds" that are lowered to the bedrock to lift the barge up out of the water to eliminate wave interference and stabilize drilling. 

Once those anchors are in place then the platform will be brought out and attached to the anchors to ensure it is stable.  After that, the anemometer will be secured to the platform.

Unfortunately the Province did approve the testing process which will be done via an anemometer for a two year duration.

I will be doing everything I can as your City of Toronto Councillor to ensure we receive regular updates on the data being collected by Toronto Hydro.

This project is a huge waste of the hard earned money we provide to Toronto Hydro through our tax dollars!

Thank you for all your e-mails. Please continue to contact me with your questions and comments. 

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