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Area: south of Ellesmere, east of McCowan, West of Bellamy, north of Brimorton

Speeding on Brimorton Drive and Bellamy Road North
Residents have expressed concerns with speeding on Brimorton Drive and Bellamy Road North near St. Richard Catholic School.  My office has been in contact with Toronto Police Services and requested to have enforcement placed in the area. If you have any further speeding concerns please report it at this link you may also call 43 Division's community response at 416-808-4319.

Request for Traffic Control Signals or Pedestrian Crossover: McCowan Road at Benleigh Drive

A Traffic Control Signal Warrant study and a Pedestrian Crossover Warrant study using traffic volumes recorded over the peak eight hours of a typical weekday were conducted. The results of the studies indicated the technical warrants for the installation of traffic control signals or a pedestrian crossover were not met. See full notice here.  If you would like to further review the matter please contact my office.

The Scarborough Museum in Thomson Memorial Park
Located along the walking trails of Thomson Memorial Park, neighbouring the Bendale Community. The museum demonstrates the history and development of Scarborough's formation, founding and early settlement and its emergence as a major suburb in the 20th Century. Visit the Scarborough Museum for an opportunity to connect to the past through youth programming, exhibits and special events.  Find more details on exhibits, events and more here.

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